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Roots and Shoots Finally Emerges

The weather may have been dull last Monday but that didn’t dampen the spirits of Mendip Rotarians and The Space Volunteers.
The Rotary Club of Mendip nominated The Space as their charity of the year supporting the development of a  community well-being garden (Roots and Shoots) at New Road, Cheddar allotments. On Monday our very own ‘garden army’ began to erect raised vegetable beds and create areas for growing herbs and plants.
Doreen Smith Operations Director for The Space said “The initiative was to establish a well-being garden to provide a safe and welcome space for children, young people and their families and other community groups to use gardening as a therapeutic tool to improve their physical and mental health. We planned to start building the infrastructure last year but this was delayed due to the pandemic.
Mendip Rotary and our enthusiastic volunteers has enabled us to begin shaping our lovely large plot and we are all very excited at this great start”
Should anyone wish to offer support or donate tools and seating or generally help with creating the space further please contact Doreen Smith on 07872 169453 or