Principles and strategy

Our Vision

To keep young people safe, mentally and emotionally well and resilient. To tackle young people’s root cause issues and build a sustainable and resilient culture of community, family and individuals.

Our Mission

  • To provide unique, independent and preventive mental and emotional health and wellbeing services to Cheddar and surrounding area.
  • To support young people with an open access range of support, advice, information and signposting, e.g. one-to-one counselling, activities, peer to peer training and volunteer opportunities.
  • To capitalize on the commitment and support of the local community.

Our Values

  • Agility – responding to the needs of children and young people and the strategic environment in which we operate;
  • Collaborative – we recognise the value of working in partnership with other strategic partners as a means of improving the value and efficiency of essential services to our project and local community;
  • Inclusive – we endeavour to be accessible, non-discriminatory, fair, inclusive, respectful and non-judgemental;
  • Quality Centred – we are committed to high quality service provision believing that children, young people and those that care for them, our strategic partners and agencies who procure our services deserve our best endeavour.
  • Integrity – We set the highest professional standards at all times. We want our relationships to be based on respect, honesty, fairness and a firm commitment to open dialogue and transparency. We never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of our staff, volunteers and service users.
  • Community – We seek to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of our service users and the communities we work with and in. We will continue to be well connected to current and future partnerships offering key contributions.

Our Strategy and Key Priorities

There are six key aspirations that underscore the services we want to deliver:

Strategic Priority One
Ensure the needs of children and young people (C&YP) focus our service delivery and everything that we do.

Strategic Priority Two
Create a sustainable and resilient culture of community, family and individuals.

Strategic Priority Three
Build Partnership working so that our C&YP have access to the services they need.

Strategic Priority Four
Collaboration with everybody to avoid duplication, learn and use all available resources for synergy.

Strategic Priority Five
Involve and engage with the community in every way possible.

Strategic Priority Six
Build a governance organisation that has the experience, status and energy that drives The Space sustainability over the coming years.