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A fun day had by all!

Despite torrential rain and gusty winds this didn’t dampen the spirits of our young intrepid explorers enjoying our pond dipping and orienteering afternoon.
Nets were swept in murky ponds where an array of little bugs and fish were found much to the delight of pond dippers. Lisa our guide enthralled the group with information about what they found and how to handle the precious items they found.
The orienteering proved just as interesting and the group showed great stamina and determination working in the wind and rain. So what feedback did we receive from the activities?
“I enjoyed the pond dipping because I caught a little fish. Reading the map was fun too!”
“I didn’t like the fact that it was wet but I liked looking at the things I saw”
“I enjoyed the orienteering because I had to work in a team to find the stamps”
“When I went pond dipping I didn’t manage to find anything except mud!”